Open Roles

Senior Tax Accountant (Remote/Contract)

CriticalPath currently has two openings for Tax Accountants with 3 to 5 years of tax preparation experience. Both are renewable contract roles for approximately 700 hours - early and late season.

Who we are

CriticalPath is a professional organization built to develop flexible career alternatives for accounting and financial professionals. We are accountants working with accountants to achieve alignment of talent, purpose, and the individually-appropriate level of career commitment.

Our focus 

Who we are looking for

You are an accountant with a 4-year degree and a full year of tax preparation experience in a public accounting or professional services firm. Your experience includes:

What we offer

Both of our current Senior Tax Accountant openings are remote.  For remote roles, CriticalPath offers:


The first question we ask is, “What kind of schedule are you looking for?” We offer roles with a schedule that works for you, and the ability to change clients and working relationships without changing employers. Work from wherever you are today, and wherever you may be tomorrow – just keep us updated on your timezone.


For those seeking contract roles, we would like to be your last employer. If you’ll keep us on our toes, we think that’s possible. Our typical seasonal contracts range from 400 to 700+ hours, depending entirely on your preference. And overtime is available, again based on your preference.


Contract Senior Tax Accountant

Hourly compensation - 700 hours: $65 - 78 per hour, depending on experience

Benefits include professional membership discounts, CPE sponsorship, group health insurance discounts, and our Practice Builder sponsorship to assist accountants in developing their own practice.

Apply now

Both open roles are available for September hire.  Please send us your resume.   APPLY