Mark Miller

Chief People Person

We can't help every firm.

But we can help a few.

Thousands of large and small CPA firms across the US are facing the same problem.  The accounting talent shortage in the professional services sector is significantly disrupting the industry.

We launched CPP earlier this year (2023) to develop one solution for dozens of firms.  It's 12 times better than dozens of firms solving the same problem.   While some of your problems will change from year to year, your solution to this problem shouldn't have to.  We've got you covered.

We can't hire every accountant.

We require experience, proficiency, diligence, commitment, and professionalism.

The success of our business depends on building long-term relationships with accountants and accounting firms.

We are accountants looking for accountants to align with other accountants.  Alignment is when the skill, time, and location requirements of a role meets the personal and professional needs of the accountant.  When we succeed in finding that alignment, everyone wins.  

Our goal is to provide a stable, predictable, flexible work arrangement for those select accountants who would like to work on their terms and earn at their highest rate.